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Real Estate Cleaning

Whether you're a realtor, a homeowner, a builder, or a renter, a clean property can make all the difference. At S & S VII Cleaning Solutions INC., we're raising the bar in professional cleaning services with our specialized real estate and post-construction cleaning packages, making property transitions and new builds shine brighter than ever before.

We offer both Standard and Deep Cleanings.


Move In/ Move Out:

Stepping into a new home or bidding farewell to an old one can be a bittersweet experience. But with moving boxes, logistics, and paperwork, who has time for cleaning? That's where we step in. Our Real Estate Cleaning service is designed to relieve you of the cleaning stress during such critical transitions.

For those moving in, we ensure you're welcomed by a spotless, fresh, and sanitized space that instantly feels like home. For those moving out, we guarantee a pristine property that’s sure to impress potential buyers or satisfy a landlord's end-of-lease inspection.

Post-Construction Cleaning:

There's a certain joy in seeing a construction project transform into a finished home. But let's face it - construction work often leaves a mess that's far from homely. That’s where our Post-Construction Cleaning service shines.

Our experienced cleaning professionals are equipped with advanced tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to tackle construction residue, dust, and debris, making your new build truly move-in ready. We pay attention to every nook and cranny, ensuring your newly constructed property gleams with newness and cleanliness, ready to wow its first inhabitants.

At S & S VII Cleaning Solutions INC, we're more than just a cleaning company. We're your partners in creating inviting spaces, whether it's for a warm welcome to a new home, ensuring a top-dollar sale, or unveiling a beautiful new build.

Experience the S & S VII Cleaning Solutions INC difference today. You'll not just see it - you'll feel it. Welcome to a cleaner, fresher, more vibrant property experience.

S & S VII Cleaning Solutions INC: Sparkling Spaces, Lasting Impressions - Experience Exceptional Cleaning Today!

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